Marcus D. Wiley A.K.A. Bishop Secular

Comedian, Radio Host

Marcus Wiley Photo

Marcus D. Wiley, the On-Air Personality Capturing the hearts of listeners across the country with his charismatic comedy, serves as the latest installment of Christian entertainment that cuts to the funny bone. As co-host, of the Yolanda Morning Show, Mr. Wiley delivers an array of special segments that include: A Minute and a Half with the Bishop, Things that Make You Say Thank' Ya, Guess Who Needs Jesus, That Ain't in the Bible, Sanctified Sermon Topics, Denial...It's Not Just a River (D)on't (E)ven k(N)ow (I) (A)m (L)yin', and Dream Interpreter. With unending antics and Christian camaraderie, each day brings die hard laughter for listeners nationwide.

What he has to say about Dr. Clay!

"Dr. Clay is cutting edge, innovative, and the truth. You will benefit from his dynamic presentations."