1. Action Attitude Accountability: You are responsible for your actions.
  2. Ballers Ball: Always get it done.
  3. Constructive Criticism Controls Crisis: Positive criticism is okay.
  4. Develop Divine Discipline: Practice discipline at all times.
  5. Exemplify Excellence: Give 110% at all times.
  6. Forget Foolish Friends: Don’t hang with negative people.
  7. Gracious Goodness: Seek to help people.
  8. Humble Yourself: Always stay humble. It’s not about you.
  9. Inner Identity: Know thyself, know your history.
  10. Journey Jovial: Seek to stay positive.
  11. Kemetic Knowledge: Know your African heritage.
  12. Love Language: Practice positive language.
  13. Manners Make Millions: Don’t get it twisted. Respect pays.
  14. Never Nonsense: Think before you act.
  15. Ordained Organization: Seek guidance and direction if confused.
  16. Prepare Plan Perform Purpose: Have a plan when seeking to complete goals.
  17. Quality Quietism: It’s better to listen than to speak.
  18. Respect Returns Rapidly: People will remember you because our youth lack respect.
  19. Serve Seriously: Give back to the community.
  20. Transition Transformation: You can always change for the better.
  21. Underachievement Ultimately Underserves: There is no excuse for underachievement.
  22. Vibrant Vibes: Exemplify positive vibes at all times.
  23. Wonderfully Woven: You were woven from queens and kings.
  24. Xanthate: You are the salt of the earth.
  25. Yearn Yearly: Strive to better yourself and your community.
  26. Zealous Zest: Do you, but make sure it’s positive.

These words may be used to reinforce character. They should be taught repetitiously.